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Legal Status

The DDF is a fund vested in the ‘Roman Catholic Trust Corporation for the Diocese of Rockhampton’, a body incorporated under the provisions of the Religious Educational and Charitable Institutions Act 1861 (Qld). The Bishop exercises the control and management of the Fund with the assistance of the DDF Committee and the Financial Administrator.

DDF Committee

The DDF Committee meets on a regular basis, usually monthly. It is advisory in nature and operates within the broader canonical governance structure of the Catholic Diocese of Rockhampton.

The DDF Committee ensures that the activities of the Fund comply with all relevant laws, regulations and statutes and that those activities maintain the highest standards of ethical and commercial practice. It is guided by those laws, regulations and statutes, either State or Federal, which would apply to a financial organisation offering services similar to those offered by the Fund, notwithstanding that those laws or statutes may not apply to the Fund due to its special status.

The responsibilities of the Committee include setting and monitoring strategies; monitoring risks of the Fund; approval and recommendation of new loans; review and monitoring of compliance with policies and the review of the annual performance of the DDF.

The Committee comprises persons with various expertise and experience in the following areas:

  • Governance;
  • Accounting, banking and/or financial markets;
  • Civil and canon law;
  • Business and commerce; and
  • Education, health and aged care.


  • PricewaterhouseCoopers


  • Thynne & Macartney


  • Westpac Banking Corporation